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Who's Calling the Shots Here: Pt. 2

   By Peter Holleran, DC

   I really don’t like having to say so, but as far as our health freedoms are involved, things are much worse than written in "Who's Calling the Shots?" Not only was it made illegal in 1986 to sue a vaccine maker for injury, opening a can of worms for abuse, but in 2009 the PREPA Act was passed, in which the Secretary for Health and Human Services (HHS), a nonscientist not accountable to the public, can declare a state of emergency, in which any vaccine, drug, or medical procedure is immune from prosecution - and to which you could also be forced to submit. (At the same time, Big Ag/Big Chem/Big Pharm-and-its-FDA have introduced Codex Alimentarius, and is trying to get it implemented through the UN, which will make any health care supplement or food available only in very small amounts and by prescription. This is to bring us all under total corporate/medical/nutritional control, in which pharmaceutical drugs and officially approved medical procedures and adulterated/GMO foods, are the only choices. It is surprising how people in Marin seem to have no problem understanding a Monsanto-ConAgra-BigFood connection, or even a Merck-FDA-pharmaceuticals connection - but not a Merck-FDA-vaccine one! But it is basically the same for-profit game.

   The 19th century was in part a history of battle over enforced vaccination; it did not just start recently. The fight for personal exemptions began in the early 1800’s when small pox vaccine was first mandated. It reached a crescendo near the beginning of the 20th century, and personal exemptions became almost universal. This battle is currently being re-fought state by state in the U.S.. Currently a bill is being proposed to the California State Senate to eliminate the personal/philosophical vaccine exemption. Can you imagine what kind of world this would be, if all such exemptions were gone? First, you would need shots to enter public school, then go to college, then be employed, then enter a nursing home (all of these increasingly in place already); then shots to fly or drive a car, enter a hospital or get Obamacare/Medicare. Imagine: you break a hip, but are not anywhere near up-to-date on your now many required shots. Before admission you could conceivably be required to get, say, 50 vaccines, which might very well do you in on the spot (and, come to think of it, which might be a devilish way for the health care system to survive). Finally, if not resisted, all adults could be forced to get all of the shots in the CDC adult schedule. After all, there ‘will be no one left to come after,’ or to stand up for you (if you remember WW2, you will recognize this storyline). With everyone taking hundreds of new vaccines, can you imagine what that might do, through viral mutation and recombination, to the human genome? Or, with the additional load of neuro-and-immune-toxins, to our well-being as a species?

   Actually, WHAT I JUST WROTE IS ALREADY ON THE TABLE. A document has been drafted, called the National Adult Immunization Plan (NAIP). What it really stands for is forced vaccinations for all American adults. It has been placed under the guidance of HHS, the same folks who brought us the PREPA act described above. This plan has Big Pharma's fingerprints all over it. The 52-page draft of the NAIP, or "road map", as the HHS is calling it, is an advance warning of how adults will be driven into a state of compulsory vaccination, and the vehicles used to get us there will be Obamacare and Medicare. In its own words: 

   "The NAIP is a national plan that will require engagement from a wide range of stakeholders to achieve its full vision.”

   The "stakeholders" who will achieve their "full vision" essentially means the pharmaceutical industry! It is called a "five-year plan" (remember this phrase? - it was used a lot in the old Soviet Union) to have all adults receive every vaccine on the "adult immunization schedule". And to accomplish that, the NAIP will have a "coordinated action by federal and nonfederal partners." Translation: We will all be coerced and strong-armed by both the government and any other company that stands to profit from vaccinations every which way we turn. This is the hidden agenda revealed by the feature writers of last week’s “Herd Immunity”, which, after much patronizing and deceptive lip service to acknowledging and minimizing risks, etc., revealed the iron fist in the velvet glove when they said, “but do you really want to submit to all the hassle of getting your kids into school if you do not vaccinate?’ That is their real agenda: just go along to get along, don’t make waves, or we will crush you and make your life miserable.

   The HHS isn't shy about how it intends to make this five-year plan work. The draft document openly states that it intends to "leverage the unique opportunity presented" by Obamacare. And for those of us on Medicare, there are plenty of "unique" opportunities as well. For example, "objective 1.4" says that the plan will allow an "increase" in the use of electronic health records to track us. It proposes that our electronic records be sent off to a master database called the "immunization information system" that will collect our "consolidated histories." So every time you set foot in your doctor's office, or maybe even the CVS or Walgreen's, you'll be pressured to get "up to date" on your shots.

   While the NAIP hasn't said "mandatory" yet, if this is not exposed and resisted, it won't be long. And if you thought the "adult vaccination schedule" was just a flu shot every so often - flu shots which were claimed as useless by Anthony Morris, former Chief Vaccine Control Officer at the FDA ( "There is no evidence that any influenza vaccine is effective in preventing or mitigating any attack of influenza. The producers of these vaccines know that they are worthless, but they go on selling them anyway."), as well as the British Medical Journal, the New England Journal of Medicine, the Lancet, and the highly-respected independent Cochrane Collaboration), think again. Here are just some of the shots listed that all adults will be expected to take:

*Flu shot: every single year from age 19 onward;
*Tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis (DPT, or DTaP), a shot every 10 years, and if you're pregnant, another shot at seven months;
*A shingles shot at age 60 or older;
*3 doses of the pneumonia shot at age 19 and older, and another two at age 65;
*Meningococcal vaccines, one or more doses from age 19 onward;
*Measles, mumps, rubella (MMR), one or two doses from age 19 to 50 - or more if you were born in or before 1957 and show low immunity (defined as low antibody titers - but antibody titers are frequently low with measles even after vaccination);
*HPV (Guardasil or Cervarix), 3 doses of a dangerous and unnecessary vaccine for people up to age 26 (over 100 girls died from Guardasil in the UK and US between 2010 and 2012, according to Judicial Watch and FDA records; even the American Cancer Society cites insufficient evidence to give it to young girls from 19 to 26; it’s supposed to prevent cervical cancer, but only targets 13 out of 80 possible HPV viruses that are ‘associated with’ but not proven to cause cervical cancer; the mean age of this disease is 50 years - almost unknown before 20 - and yet the vaccine does not promise protection after one year! So why give it to young girls? (or boys? I know what they say - “because they might get genital warts.” Believe that and I have a bridge to sell you).

   But there are even more shots on the list. And 300 in the pipeline. And if you're not sure if you had one of these immunizations, you'll be asked to take another one, just to be on the safe side. Then your electronic records will show you're all up-to-date. And you have to imagine that failure to comply could mean you suddenly find yourself without coverage from Obamacare or Medicare, or, who knows: perhaps at some point prevented from going to a movie, making a living, or finding bank accounts frozen. People are now asked to spy on other people. Is this where our country is heading? The measles talk is a facade, the risks of vaccines well-known. “The science IS settled” - and the results are bad. Doctors are in denial. The AAPS (American Association of Physicians and Surgeons), however, has called for a moratorium on all vaccines until fully tested for safety. Must we move to Europe to live or raise our children, where they: don’t mandate, vaccinate later and far less often, without mercury or dangerous triple vaccines - and where nothing terrible has happened (while the U.S. ranks 50th in infant mortality, and 38th in healthcare) ? This is less about medicine or science than money and politics. Precious human freedoms for generations to come are at stake.

   This is more about money and politics, not science or health. Doctors do not make policy, they carry out policy. The industry uses its immense financial power to have government make and enforce policy, and academia and media to propagate it. A few at the top CAN keep prevalent myths going and get them accepted by the majority; it does not take an impossible-to-believe conspiracy of tens of thousands of well-meaning people, as these writers suggested. The real vaccine researchers, even the promoters, know the risks and major issues involved. A particularly difficult and disturbing one is that we have exchanged a centuries-long development of real herd immunity - to measles and pertussis, for instance - for an increasingly temporary vaccine-dependent version - along with the creation of new atypical forms of disease that affect different, more vulnerable age groups, such as infants and the elderly. But the difficulty is in getting the true issues air-time. Thus, what the real herd immunity comes down to is not the ever-changing definition of ‘how many people need to be vaccinated for the vaccines to actually work’; rather, it is the immunity of the herd from sustained rational inquiry.