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"Best of Marin" Pacific Sun (1987, 1990)


Gentle diversified adjusting

Applied Kinesiology




H.S. - Pearl River, N.Y. 1967

B.A. Cornell University 1971 - Philosophy

M.A. Cornell University 1972 - Education

D.C. Palmer College of Chiropractic - West 1983, Valedictorian


Born: 3-18-49 New Rochelle, N.Y.

Married: 1989 to present


Hiking, Cycling, Running


   In my professional practise I believe in the simplicity of proper structural alignment and a return to natural ways of diet and lifestyle that have stood the test of time.

    "The doctor of the future will give no medicine,
    but will interest the patient in the care of the
    human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention
    of disease."   (Thomas Edison)


   The curriculum that a chiropractor must take includes a thorough study of bodily structure and function that covers clinical sciences and health subjects. A student of chiropractic studies physiology, biochemistry, anatomy, differential diagnosis, radiology, gentle spinal and extremity adjusting and other therapeutic approaches. This allows the chiropractor to diagnose and provide treatment, unlike other non-physician status practitioners.

   Chiropractic doctors use a conservative, natural treatment approach, which relies on the body's ability to heal on its own accord. Chiropractic does not depend on the use of drugs or surgeries. By focusing on biomechanics, the structure and function of the spine, along with their impact on the musculoskeletal and neurological system, chiropractic care emphasizes proper functioning of these systems in the treatment and maintenance of health.

   "Straight" chiropractic stands alone among the health professons in strictly adhering to the philosophy that true health comes from within and therefore stresses the primacy of the "Big Idea" that the nervous system with the interference of Vertebral Subluxation Complexes (VSC) removed allows the Innate force of life that created the body from just two cells to heal and become well, living up to its full genetic potential. No pill or addition from the outside can do what the body free of nerve interference was designed to do by itself. Thus:

    "The power that made the body, heals the body."

   For a simple but common example, do you really believe you have back pain or a headache because of a deficiency of aspirin or ibuprofin in your bloodstream? Of course not! Nor do you get the flu because a "bug is going around". The bugs are there all the time! Even cancer cells are continually being created by the body, but the strong immune system kills them just as fast as they arise. And what controls the immune system? - the master controller, the nervous system, according to Grays Anatomy. The strength of your immune system varies with the strength of the nervous system. With a few minor exceptions for proper diet, attitude, and exercise, it's as simple as that. After conception takes place with the union of two cells, the first structure to develop is a primitive spinal cord; the heart, lungs, stomach, etc., all form after that. The nervous system thus directs the development and function of the whole body. Therefore, if the nervous system is not working optimally, nothing will work properly. Only chiropractic deals from this level and perspective.

   Muscles are also controlled by the nervous system. Muscles spasm because NERVES tell them to. That is why results from massage are only temporary. Chiropractic spinal adjustments, by removing vertebral subluxations, are unique and irreplaceable in their ability to remove interference and restore functioning of the nervous system to promote healing and the fullest expression of the well-being of the body. Health is not the absence of disease, It is an active state of well-being.

   In our office we offer relief, corrective, and wellness care. All patients are given the opportunity to choose the level of care they desire. Once a patient gets the "Big Idea", however, our goal and desire is for them to receive lifetime wellness care. Why settle for anything less? Why settle for a handful of pills when you could enjoy optimum health? [For much more on this please see "Chirpropractic Resources" on the "Health and Fitness Page"]

   In a nutshell, spinal adjustments balance and strengthen the nervous system; whole and living foods purify the cells and the circulatory system; exercise, life-style and attitudinal changes, combined with these two, lead to the rejuvenation of the hormonal system. Balancing, purification, and rejuvenation are thus three great principles of health. Following them one can reverse or slow a process of unnatural aging and put life back in your years and a spring back in your step.

   One should never assume it is too late to regain fitness and health, and even though the body may have its limits, the spirit does not. Life-long vegetarian Fauja Singh entered his first marathon at the age of 89 after a FIFTY YEAR break from running. Three years later in 2003 he stunned the sports world by taking two hours off the 90+ age-group record in that event with a time of 5:40:44! He is now the oldest athlete on contract with Adidas. [update: last year Fauja Singh ran the London Marathon at age 100, and is still going at 101!]

   And just think, AARP had the nerve to solicit me with membership at age 49!