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What Is Intelligence (Wisdom, Word, Logos, Christos) ?

- forthcoming -

   "When intuition guides and illuminates intellect, balances and restrains the ego, that which the wise men called "true intelligence" rises." - Paul Brunton

   "What is wisdom?

   She is intelligent, holy, unique, subtle,
   flowing, transparent, and pure;
   She is distinct, invulnerable, good,
   keen, irresistible, and gracious;
   She is humane, faithful, sure, calm,
   all-powerful, all-seeing, and
   available to all who are intelligent, pure
   and altogether simple.

   She is the mobility of all movement;
   She is the transparent nothing that pervades all things.
   She is the breathe of God,
   A clear emanation of Divine Glory,
   No impurity can stain Her.

   She is God's spotless mirror
   reflecting eternal light
   and the image of divine goodness.
   Although she is one,
   She does all things.
   Without leaving Herself
   She renews all things.
   Generation after generation She slips into holy souls,
   Making them Friends of God and prophets..."

   (Wisdom of Solomon 7:24-27)