Preliminary notes

Sant Darshan Singh spoke quite alot about a “scrubbing” process for the soul.

" order to make something of great value and beauty in the lovers, the Beloved sometimes shakes up their hearts. Not all lovers can withstand it. Many hearts become crushed or broken in this process. But those who are able to submit to the Beloved's shake-up, and who surrender to it, are not broken - instead they come out whole and give forth the sweetest taste. Such lovers who have surrendered to the Beloved's treatment, be it gentle or vigorous, are the most fortunate."

It is this aspect of the path which makes the Eastern Orthodox Fathers consider spirituality to be a branch of medicine - or, as in my case, for Kirpal Singh to use the metaphor of an ashram as a “hospital” (for sick souls).

A friend of mine wrote: "as we drove in on a bus to Sawan Ashram and as we entered through the gate Darshan said “This is where souls were made into men and women. “ He focused on “man making” a lot and was a role model of a compassionate and loving being.

St. John of the Cross spoke this way  of
some of the more advanced stages of this cleansing process:

“The purgation of sense is only the entrance and beginning of infused contemplation leading to the purgation of the spirit, which, as we have likewise said, serves rather to accommodate sense to spirit than to unite spirit with God. But there still remain in the spirit the stains of the old man [i.e., blemishes”, according to Darshan, the Sants, various Tibetan gurus, and others],  although the spirit thinks not that this is so, neither can it perceive them; if these stains be not removed with the soap and strong lye of the purgation of this night, the spirit will be unable to come to the purity of Divine Union.”

Kirpal Singh wrote likewise that:

“The subconscious reservoir of the mind  must be thoroughly drained out before it can be filled with the love of the Lord/Master.”

Scrubbing....An initiate can hardly imagine what he has signed up for.


Q: Why is my faith weak?
M: Desires and fears have dulled your mind. It needs scrubbing."


"With no thought of the self, be established in him;
After the mind, what then remains? Not even the body;
Having given the body and the mind, no burden
remains to be carried;
He who takes pride in this sacrifice will yet have punishment;
For who can part with the seed-mind within?
O Kabir! How can that mind be subdued and surrendered?
Along with body and mind part thou with the seed-mind;
O Kabir! Only after hearing the master, one becomes fearless;
Place the seed-mind at the altar of the Lotus Feet of the Master.”
"So what if you have dropped illusion?
You didn't drop your pride.
Pride has fooled the best sages,
Pride devours all." - Bijak

Another friend writes: “The metaphor of blemishes that you shared reminds me of story 97 in The Flowering of Grace, one of my favorite stories in that book which you recommended to me, in which Fannie is shown, during an NDE, the blemishes on her soul, and so forth. I especially like the story too because it portrays the Lords of Karma (or, as she called them, Karmic Judges), as concerned with her growth and with providing her with opportunities, rather than as cold, heartless meanies. Then Rajinder Singh steps in a negotiates a compromise, promising to take responsibility for her growth. Great story.”

Similar to story of Do Khyentse (1800-1866), purified in the bardo by Guru Rinpoche (Padmasambhava)

pages 163-164, Peaceful Death, Joyful Rebirth, by Tulku Thondup


It is essential to understand that even with inner awakening, expansion beyond the mind, it is not sufficient to reach complete emancipation.Until the mind has become pure and the heart healed, the burdens of the past will not allow the soul to achieve true freedom.We cannot realize the state of surrender without undergoing a deep purification that enables our human nature to fuse with the soul.”


“There is no remedy for all this except hoping in God, who is as good and powerful as you are weak and bad. Yet he will probably let you grovel on at length without uprooting your natural disposition and your long-formed habits. That is because it is far better for you to be crushed by your own weakness and frailty and by the proof of your inability to escape from it, than to enjoy a sudden advance toward perfection.”

Bhai Sahib

“There is only one Teacher, only one Spiritual Guide in the whole world, for each of us. For only he alone is allowed to subject a free human being to sufferings and conditions - only he and nobody else.”

“On the physical plane, or the worldly platform, as Guruji likes to put it, the Sufi training is chiefly a test of endurance. How much one can endure for the sake of love. How much and how long one can tolerate.”

“It works this way: if one comes to the saint and the saint is pleased, he will clean your room. What is your room? Your heart. And the cleaning means that the samskaras are being pushed. This will cause great suffering. People will then say: he is punishing her. But in reality it is not so.”

-Daughter of Fire , p. 144, 558, 576