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The Dance of  Dharma

by Peter Holleran

   "The entire universe is your Guru. You learn from everything,
   if you are alert and intelligent. Were your mind clear and your
   heart clean, you would learn from every passerby."   - Sri Nisargadatta

I sometimes think Truth might be likened to a glittering disco ball, turning and burning,

a many-facetted jewel sending forth its rays, each seeking a receptor site on the soul,

homing in on our lack to make us whole, our absence to show us its presence.

                There is a key to open every lock: teachers, teachings, sentient beings, chance

                encounters, random moments, all bodhisattvas and buddhas in disguise, all

                forever, always and only divine, waiting for a YES, waiting only to be

                loved and received with gratitude, in return for self-forgetting joy.
Whoever or whatever serves to be a key that opens a lock, wonderful.

Some keys open more locks than others, blessed be their name.

Any pre-judgement only forestalls our conclusion, the ecstatic

finish of God, the power of grace, the master dance, the key that opens the

lock, that opens the door to the courtyard, that leads to the chamber,

and the open arms, of the Beloved we seek and ARE.