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Human Intelligence

Albert Einstein died and went to heaven.

St. Peter greeted the genius at the pearly gates, and expressed sheepishly that heaven was crowded and Einstein would have to share a room with three others.

Einstein entered the room and asked the first guy what his IQ was, hoping it would be high enough that they'd actually have something to talk about.

'180,' the man said.

'Splendid,' the old physicist replied. 'We'll be able to talk about thermodynamics. I have some ideas about molecular physics that I'd like you to consider as well.'

Einstein asked the second man his IQ. "120," came the reply.

"Oh, good. We can discuss Dostoevsky and analyze T.S. Eliot's poetry."

Einstein looked at the third man, and asked him what his IQ was.

"Um...I think it's about 60."

After a pause, Einstein looked at the man and asked, "Well...what do you think about the market?"