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Housing and Investment Ideas

Tipis Tipis
"The man who sat on the ground in his tipi meditating on life and its meaning, accepting the kinship of all creatures and acknowledging unity with the universe of things was infusing into his being the true essence of civilization. And when native man left off this form of development, his humanization was retarded in growth."
-- Chief Luther Standing Bear
Robby the Robot
Household help from the 1950's.
The Final Mortgage Innovation
We've had no-down, no closing costs, no qualifying, interest-only, negative amortization, 50 year loans - here is a proposal for the next logical step in a crazy world: the NO-PAYMENT loan. By Steve Heller.   [Note as of 1-24-08: this article is now obsolete, but interesting for historical purposes!]
Affordable Retirement Home
A clever idea.

The Meaning of It All The Meaning of It All
An interesting observation on life in the fast lane. No longer politically correct and reminiscent of another time, but you'll get the point.
How to Pick a Stock
Words of wisdom from Zippy.