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Spiritual Aspects of Sports

  "Big commitments mean big wins and big losses. Big commitments are often followed by big fears, doubts, and confusions."

Inspirational Quotes
The heart of the game.
Marathon Monks of Japan
Facing death over and over, the marathon monks become alive to each moment, full of gratitude, joy, and grace.
Sports Heretic
New England quarterback Tom Brady.
Running In The Second Half of Life
Esoteric version of article first appearing in Running Times, March, 2002.
By Peter Holleran.
Key to Successful Aging: Have An Agenda!
Amazing goals of senior athletes. By Peter Holleran.
Sri Chinmoy
Talks and discussions by founder of multi-day endurance events on the spiritual significance of sports with methods for enhancing performance and spiritual progress through fitness. Includes interviews with elite athletes.
Running from your core. "A revolutionary approach to effortless, injury-free running." By Danny Dreyer.