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     "It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society."    -    J. Krishnamurti

  My Diet
**Revised 7-8-14** Why I have switched to a 75% - er, 50% - raw diet. And, one might say, 'why I still eat 50% cooked foods'......by Peter Holleran
  Don't Just Sit
Prolonged sitting is dangerous even if you exercise a lot. What to do while sitting to improve your health.
  A Psychiatrist's Perspective on Drugs
The 'serotonin deficiency' as a cause of depression hypothesis is obsolete. Do you know anyone who has ever been screened for it? Anti-depressants are no better than placebo. How these drugs work. Dangers of use.
  Which Came First: The Garden of Eden, Or The Cave?
Thoughts to consider before jumping on the low-carb, paleolithic, animal-food bandwagon. Esoteric. By Peter Holleran, DC.
  Secrets of Healthy, Happy People
Altitude, attitude, diet and life-style. By Peter Holleran, DC.
  The Flu Vaccine Myth
Why taking the flu shot may increase your chances of getting the flu, how statistics are distorted, natural ways to prevent the flu, and much more. A patient of mine just told me the shocking story that her own MD said to her that "we do not bother to distinguish between the common cold and the flu anymore." The reason? My guess is: BECAUSE THEY HAVE A TREATMENT FOR THE FLU, BUT NO TREATMENT FOR THE COMMON COLD! "Follow the money" is a good clue. Further, did your 'doctor' tell you that taking TAMIFLU, if effective at all, is only effective if taken the moment when you get the flu (days before you have any symptoms), and even in that case it may only decrease your symptoms by one day out of the average of twenty-one?! Did he tell you that it makes you infectious for days afterward? Or that the vaccine may only improve your chances of not dying from the flu by 1.5%? (Fact: it's easy to skew the data to make it look like 50%: for instance, a 50% improvement from 2.25% is 1.5%). Did he tell you the hackneyed old figure that 36,000 people die of the flu every year - but NOT tell you that for decades they have combined flu and pneumonia deaths into one? Or that 200 influenza-like illnesses that are not the flu give you flu symptoms? Why they passed a law so you cannot sue a vaccine manufacturer for deadly side effects. Why 'Dr.' Jenner did not invent a Small Pox vaccine - he used' cow pox', a different germ that only cow's get, and his first 'cure' died a few years later of a terrible neurological disorder. The disease, like most diseases, was almost totally eradicated already due to better hygiene, BEFORE the vaccine campaigns started. Jenner (who earned no medical degree) had friends in the British Crown business community who made a fortune by getting law passed mandating everyone in England get vaccinated so they could make a fortune. Read on and get educated, my friends...
  The Abdominal Brain
Your brain and gut are interconnected, having evolved from the same embryonic tissue. Abdominal bacteria have a large influence on your mood, and mood has a big influence on intestinal function. By Dr. Mercola
  How To Boost HGH Levels
Short-burst exercise is better than long cardio workouts for raising levels of growth hormone. By Dr. Mercola.
  The Evolution of Man?
A picture is worth a thousand words: one reason you need chiropractic care!
  What Is A Vertebral Subluxation?
Only chiropractic spinal adjustments can eliminate this major health problem.
  Chiropractic Aloft
The simplicity of the big idea. By Dr. Tim O'Shea. A must read.
  Got Calcium?
Eat your greens: a criticism of the dairy industry ad campaign. Also, the secret to strong bones, with special tips for athletes. BY Peter Holleran, DC.
  Dr. Palmer vs. Dr. Mayo
Historic confrontation between the chiropractic pioneer and the founder of the Mayo Clinic. Entertaining. By L. Ted Frugard, DC. Eye-opening.
  Drivers More Likely to Hit Helmet-Wearing Cyclists
Study from Bath University shows drivers give more room to women cyclists and also those without helmets.
  Run for Stronger Bones
Running is 300% better than walking according to a study by the American College of orthopedic Surgeons.
  Salt is Essential for Life
Low salt intake can actually be a CAUSE of high blood pressure and other problems. A compilation from various sources.
  Is "Wear and Tear" the Cause of Exercise-Related Osteoarthritis?
Another article suggesting that weight-bearing exercise such as running does not damage joint cartilage, as long as muscles are strong and balanced. By Warren Hammer, DC.
  Exercise May Improve Cartilage in Arthritic Knees
Don't lose hope - a new study suggests exercise may be good for bad knees. By Rita Jenkins.
  The Secret of 'Muscular' Old Age
The amino acid leucine may help prevent muscle break-down. From BBC News.
  Diet, Aging,and Muscle
Aging causes a decline in kidney function producing a net loss of nitrogen and an acidic state conducive to muscle and bone loss. Increasing the intake of fruits and vegetables can correct this imbalance. By Joe Friel from www.ultrafit.com.
  Rapid Bone Loss
Tour de France Cyclists lose 25% of spinal bone mass in three weeks. Conclusion: exhaustive non-weight bearing exercise may lead to bone loss. Cyclists should incorporate hill climbing, runners upper body weight training, and senior citizens overall resistance training to prevent muscle and bone loss. From www.apho.com.
  Shortage of the Flu Vaccine Is a Blessing
There is no proof it works! And 36,000 die each year? No, it's less than 1,000. By Peter Holleran, DC.
  The Use of Anti-Inflammatory Drugs
The risks: delayed healing and life-threatening side effects. By Peter Holleran, DC.
  Aging According to George Carlin
The master at his humorous best.
  Key to Successful Aging: Have An Agenda!
Amazing Goals of Senior Athletes, By Peter Holleran, DC.
  Your Breaths Are Numbered
An answer to contemplative types who feel rigorous exercise is incompatible with meditation or equanimity. The connection between "your breaths are numbered" (the East) and "your days are numbered" (the West). By Peter Holleran, DC.
  Slow Down to Run Faster
Advice on staying in the aerobic training zone to avoid burnout and injury and achieve better fitness. By Steve Baker.
  A Brief History of Walking
A timeline of walking through the ages.
  How Running Made Us Human
Though it is perhaps a bit of a stretch, some researchers suggest that humans evolved because of their need to run long distances. A link to MediLexicon.
  Aging Is A Mistake
Well, not entirely! But we CAN reverse inflammation and physically age more slowly. By Raymond Francis, M.Sc. from www.beyondhealth.com.
  Natural Ways to Increase HGH and Reverse Aging
Try being a kid again. By Peter Holleran, DC.
  Useful and Inspiring Books for the Endurance Athlete
Some personal favorites. By Peter Holleran, DC.
Amazing endurance results with varied eating regimes. By Peter Holleran, DC.
Amazing endurance results with varied training regimes. By Peter Holleran, DC.
  Running Fitness in a Nutshell
Tips from the experts to improve running performance. By Peter Holleran, DC.
  Join the Rat Race!
Aerobic activity increases brain cells related to both movement AND memory: if you don't use it, you lose it. By Peter Holleran, DC.
  A Short Primer on Heart Disease
The number one predictor of a heart attack, and what you can do about it (and prevent most other chronic health problems at the same time). By Peter Holleran, DC.
  Back to Basics
Eat right, eat less, heal thyself
  A Short Note on Aspartame
Avoid "diet" or "light" foods. By Peter Holleran, DC.
  Aspartame, Creatine, and Athletics, A Fatal Combination!
A increasingly common cause of sudden death from toxic methanol poisoning. By James Bown, M.D. From www.wnho.org.
  Medieval Peasants Had Better Teeth
from www.anova.com.
  We Have All Been Poisoned
Harmful effects of mercury from vaccines and dental amalgams. A well-written article by Donald Miller, MD, with highly technical links. From lewrockwell.com.
  The Olive Oil Scandal
Surprise - you may not be buying olive oil! By Raymond Francis, M.Sc. From www.beyondhealth.com.

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