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3 Theosophical Gems 3 Theosophical Gems

Light on the Path
At the Feet of the Master
The Voice of the Silence

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Classics of Mysticism Classics of Mysticism

The Dark Night of the Soul
Abandonment to Divine Providence
The Way of Christ
The Mystics of Islam

A Non-Dual Look at the Wizard of Oz A Non-Dual Look at the Wizard of Oz
The beloved children's story, also considered a populist political allegory on gold and silver money, is also a metaphor of enlightenment. Little known is that author L. Frank Baum was an active member of the Theosophical Society. Four articles.

The Importance of Samadhi The Importance of Samadhi
Well-written, scholarly article on how the original non-dual philosophy of Sankara did not consider absorptive or nirvikalpa samadhi necessary for realization, while his advaita vedanta descendants, influenced by the teachings of yoga, did. By Michael Cowans, PhD. Comments by Peter Holleran

See also the Samadhi Trilogy by The Wanderling

What Is Nirvana? What Is Nirvana?
an excerpt from the Lankavatara Sutra, in The Buddhist Bible, ed. by Dwight Goddard. A systematic elimination of beliefs in an eternal paradise, a creator God/Iswara, yoga, Samkhaya, absorption or merger of the soul in a Supreme Atman, Nirvikalpa Samadhi, inversion on Emptiness or a Void, etc. Explains that Transformation Buddhas adapt their teaching according to the mind of their disciples, while the Dharmata Buddhas teach only the Truth of One Mind.
I Am - The First Name of God I Am - The First Name of God
An excellent article by David Godman comparing the teaching of Ramana Maharshi and the Bible on the nature of God as the Self of all beings, the "I" in the Heart.
The Mystical Core of the Great Traditions The Mystical Core of the Great Traditions
A good introduction to the quest. By Joel. From the Center for Sacred Sciences.
Death: The Golden Opportunity Death: The Golden Opportunity
Its potential for Enlightenment in the Tibetan tradition. By Joel. From The Center For Sacred Sciences.
Dalai Lama on Compassion Dalai Lama on Compassion
Simple words for day to day practice.
Tricks and Traps Tricks and Traps
Helpful reminders on the path of self discovery. From The Listening Attention website. By Bob Ferguson.
Radical Talk from Rinzai Radical Talk from Rinzai

"Let the lion give one roar and the brains of the little foxes will split open."
Set Your House in Order Set Your House in Order
Facing the shadow. A lyrical tale of a Sant Mat initiate's encounter with primal. A story by Tracy Leddy.

"I wanted so much to come to You," he sobbed. "I started out so boldly, with such zeal... "
Maeve Maeve
Thinning the veils. A story by Tracy Leddy.

"Let me out!" cried the voice, "Let me out!" "Who are you?" whispered Maeve in a fright. "I'm your Self," cried the voice despairingly, "Oh, won't you please let me out!"

Nathan Nathan
Digging for treasure within. A story by Tracy Leddy.

Nathan awoke in a paroxysm of pain. Great cries of rage rent the air. "I didn't want to be born, oh, God! I did not want to be born!"
Primal Therapy, Spirituality, and Satori Primal Therapy, Spirituality, and Satori
Contrasts the deepest levels of feeling-awakening with the sudden illumination of Zen. By Paul Vereshack

"The mother, acutely aware of the pain
  of childbirth, soon forgets.
  The child, but dimly aware at the time --
The Goddess The Goddess
Colorful articles on the feminine, creative aspect of the Divine, Shakti, Lakshmi, Parvati, Quan-Yin, devotion, motherhood, and more. from CosmicIndia.com.

"Bhakti is our mother. She does not expect her infant child, embroiled in mud, to first clean itself and then climb into her lap. Rather, she picks up the child, bathes and wipes him clean, beautifies him and then offers him to the father’s (god’s) lap." - Narada Bhakti Sutras