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Jail the Parents!!

   By Peter Holleran, DC

   With all the talk of eliminating the personal vaccine exemption in California and other states, why not instead eliminate the right to refuse ‘injections’ - of healthy food? By healthy I mean fresh, whole, unadulterated, free of chemicals, pesticides, antibiotics fed to livestock, and full of vitamins and minerals. It is well-known that the immune system, particularly its largest component known as the innate cellular response, is heavily dependent on a steady supply of nutrients, and especially vitamins A, C, and D. This accounts in large measure why only some people get sick (and why diseases such as measles are hundreds of times more serious in impoverished, starving countries - a fact often used to confuse people in the U.S. on the much smaller danger of measles here). Not only do people with low immunity put themselves at risk of infection by microbes - that do not cause disease, but look for dis-eased people to feed off of - they also put others at increased risk: it has been found that nutritional deficiency has a direct effect on the virulence of the microorganisms themselves. Which means we grant each other a true measure of ‘herd immunity’ by doing our part to avoid poor nutritional choices. In sum, eating the Standard American Diet (SAD), aka junk food and processed food, influences not only your health but that of your neighbor, and actually MAKE GERMS GROW STRONGER:

   “…current work suggests that not only can the nutritional status of the host affect the immune response, but it can also affect the viral pathogen..[changing] an avirulent virus into a virulent one.” (The Journal of Infectious Diseases, Sept. 2000)

   This has huge implications. We rarely see nutrition mentioned in articles warning us of epidemics, but it was the positive change in nutritional status, as well as the building of sewer and water treatment systems, that was responsible for eradicating the major infectious diseases by the mid-1940’s. The vaccines came AFTER the fact. But don’t expect your doctor to know this, as medical history isn’t taught in school, nor is nutrition (which is a shame as it is estimated that at least 70% of chronic diseases are treatable through dietary changes. In the 19th century it was cod liver oil; today, measles patients in hospitals around the world are treated effectively with Vitamin A, a nutrient particularly depleted by measles, and other infectious processes. In the late 1940’s, Dr. Fred Klenner cured (a word the FDA won’t allow you to use) 60 out of 60 polio cases in three days with 200 grams of Vitamin C per day; he and other doctors also successfully treated pertussis, herpes, pneumonia, and more in the same manner.

   The point is, maybe we shouldn’t allow junk food eaters in school, since they raise the risk for all of us. Let’s make this ‘choice’ illegal; parents are shirking their responsibility, and should be jailed! Why not? All humor aside, let’s stop penalizing the healthy, and permitting the trashing of their 4th amendment rights. How can a healthy child - who does not have or never had measles, or the measles vaccine - be a threat to another child in a measles outbreak? He cannot, it is illogical, and a lie. If he gets measles, he stays home for ten days, that’s all. Then he has lifetime immunity, instead of an ever-shorter-vaccine-immunity with its added downside of newer, atypical forms of the disease that affect more vulnerable age groups, for which we have no herd immunity (a product of centuries of development). Vaccine researchers know we are throwing away the real herd immunity developed by a long evolutionary process for an inferior vaccine alternative. This is why even pro-vaccinator James Cherry, MD, calls measles a “ticking time bomb,” admitting that a major epidemic is inevitable - BECAUSE of mass vaccination. This waning form of immunity also applies to pertussis. Dr. Witt, Chief of Infectious Diseases at Kaiser in San Rafael, found in a 2012 study that with pertussis vaccination there were only 20% antibody levels one year later, and 0% after three years. (nor has the presence of antibodies ever been proven to increase immunity to anything - but that is another story). He also found more cases of pertussis among the vaccinated than the unvaccinated. But, rather than facing the obvious - that these vaccines aren’t working - he avoided the cognitive dissonance many doctors face and said, “but keep on taking it [until we figure something out]; parents are so stupid to not want to vaccinate their kids.” Go figure. If we allow the fundamental 4th amendment right to refuse imposed medical procedures to be eliminated, what is next? - forced chemo, forced drugs, forced surgeries, penalties for speaking out - exercising our 1st amendment rights - as well? Do not imagine this is very far away.