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Maybe This Time It Is Different

Spiritual Revolution: the Mayan Calendar, 2012, Energy Shift, Golden Age, Brunler Scale, Morphogenic Fields, Planetary Ascension, Ashtar Command, Photon Belt, Kalki Avatar, Holographic Universe, Binary Sun, The Great Year, "Global Warming", and "Solar System Warming".

Edited with commentary by Sirius

Is a major change coming soon? Predicted many times in the past, maybe THIS time it is different. After all, we have the hundredth monkey phenomenon, quantum physics, holograpic theory, morphogenic fields, the internet - it’s a happening world! Enlightenment is getting much easier. The human race is coming together, and its consciousness is being raised as a whole. Everyman is waking up.

Wait. Is this...can this...really be true? The following think it is, and have some interesting things to say - along with a healthy dose of new-age enthusiasm and confusion - the important elements which I will attempt to sort out and summarize before the close. My primary question is to the immediacy of the time-line that is collectively assumed for the coming 'End of the Age' and the ease with which humanity's proposed 'enlightenment' will occur. For an astrological assessment of what is actually happening, based on the precession of the Great Year, and how much time this long-prophecied awakening may take, skip to the final section, "A Rational Astrological Explanation of the End-Times". Meanwhile, read on and enjoy. It certainly beats the daily news.

(1)   The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness by Carl Johan Calleman

Summary by Donald L. O'Dell:

Perhaps you've heard about an event, believed to occur in or near Mexico City in six years, which is to signal the end of time or the end of the world. The event, scheduled to occur in 2012 (some say 2011), is when the ancient Mayan Calendar ends. In 2012 the Mayan Calendar simply stops. Finis. Done. Over. Do we really just have only six more years? Is this Mayan event equivalent to the promised biblical Armageddon? Do we need to be frightened? Nervous? Awed? Anxious? Mildly or intensely curious? Do we need to re-look at our investment portfolios? Are we doomed or saved? Just what is this 2012 event?

Let's take a brief look at the Mayan calendar. The Mayans - living in the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico - are an old culture, dating back to the time of the early Roman Empire in Europe. Their culture and civilization gave rise to several subsequent cultures: the Olmecs; the Toltecs, and the Aztecs. They built pyramids with the same precision as the Egyptians, though not quite as large. They had a very sophisticated understanding of astronomy and mathematics, all of which is reflected in the complexity of their calendar. Then they mysteriously seemed to disappear.

There are nine Underworlds in the universe of the Maya. They are called Underworlds, not because of a Mayan concept of Hell, but because of the activated crystalline structures in the earth's inner core. These crystalline structures were not "scientifically" known by the Mayans, but were "sensed" or "intuited" by the spiritual priests and tribal leaders, chief of whom was Kukulcan - better known as Quetzalcoatl in the Aztec culture.

Each Underworld consists of seven days and has a duration - a length of time - that is equivalent to twenty times the length of the subsequent underworld. These lengths of time are called "cycles" in the Mayan Calendar. The last day of each cycle contains all of the following cycles, so all cycles will end at the same time. Each cycle is divined to accomplish a "greater" sense of consciousness: Build on the previous cycle and, simultaneously, lay preparations for the following cycle.

A simplified summary follows:

During the initial cycle, the universal consciousness moved from the Big Bang and the creation of matter to the emergence of cell structures. During the second cycle, consciousness moved from cellular structures to mammalian organisms. Consciousness shifted from animals to primates during the third cycle and from primates to humans in the fourth cycle. During the fifth cycle, humans raised their consciousness with the development of a spoken language and a community organization. The sixth cycle began with the development of a written language and a sense of a national consciousness - a consciousness of being a "people" among other organized "peoples." During the seventh cycle, beginning about the time of The Industrial Age, the idea that we were a global people was germinated. The eighth cycle, which we are currently in, will see that embryonic sense of a global community come to fruition. The last cycle - or age - the Mayan Calendar records will begin in early 2011 and end later that year. It marks the end of our dualistic civilization as we currently know it - east/west, rich/poor, either/or, us/them, me/you - and the beginning of a new order of life: Global citizenship; Intuitive knowledge; Sharing of resources; Cooperation rather than competitiveness; Spirit-driven rather than materialistic-driven.

As mentioned earlier, each "cycle," according to the Mayans, is twenty times shorter than the one preceding. This rather simple fact of the Mayan Calendar very neatly explains what we have all suspected and often hear: Events not only seem to be speeding up, events are speeding up.

The first cycle began 16.4 Billion years ago, close to when astronomers now fix the Big Bang event and the beginning of the creation of matter. The second cycle began 850 million years ago, near to the timeframe anthropology and geology use as the beginning of the first animals.

The third cycle began 40 million years ago, near to when scientists now believe was the emergence of the first primates. The fourth cycle began 2 million years ago, near to when anthropology places the emergence of the first humans.

The fifth cycle began 102,000 years ago with the probability of the first spoken language, according to anthropologists. The sixth cycle began 5,125 years ago (circa 3100 bce) with the emergence of the first written language - the Sumerians. This sixth cycle, known as the National Underworld, is also the beginning of the Mayan "Long Count" calendar.

The seventh cycle (known as the Planetary Underworld) began 256 years ago (circa the mid-Eighteenth Century), about the time historians place the beginning of the Industrial Age. It was near the end of this cycle that the 1st Harmonic Convergence occurred in August 1987, ushering in a countdown to the end of the Mayan Long Count. The eighth cycle began January 5, 1999 and will last 12.8 years (4680 days). It is the cycle we are currently in and is called by the Mayans the Galactic Underworld.

The Galactic Cycle will be marked by the realization of the true impact of information technology on the global economy, as expressed by the use of the Internet. The marked rise in the importance and role of intuition and the spiritual unity of the global community will also be quite evident. The movement will move rapidly from an either/or (or us/them) mentality to one of true global cooperation and sharing. This phenomenon is often referred to as one of higher vibrations or the beginning of a non-dual cosmic consciousness. Incidentally, the 2nd Harmonic Convergence will occur near the end of this cycle in May 2010.

The ninth cycle, known as the Universal Underworld, will begin on February 11, 2011 and will end on October 28, 2011, lasting only 260 days. At the end of this final 260-day cycle, the Mayan Calendar simply stops. [The date October 28, 2011, the end of the Mayan Calendar, is based on a more recent understanding of the actual beginning of the Mayan "long count" calendar, according to Calleman. The original calculated date marking the beginning of the calendar defined the end of the "long count" as December 21, 2012, the date we hear most about.] Some believe the end of this ninth cycle is also known as the birth of the 6th Sun and the 5th Earth - the beginning of a new 5,125-year cycle.

At the end of the calendar, according to the Mayans, humankind will have direct divine contact, understanding, and consciousness. This will not happen all at once, just as the Industrial Age, which historians generally mark with the invention of Fulton's steam engine, didn't happen overnight. However, as industrialism grew, those businesses and industries that refused to adapt simply didn't survive.

Think of this analogy: Two blacksmiths are standing in front of their shops, across the road from one another, when the first automobile comes putt-puff-putting down Main Street. One blacksmith says to himself, "Harumph! Those 'iron horses' will never make it! I fix wagon wheel rims and hand-held plows, and I shoe horses. That's what I'll continue to do." Unfortunately, he probably went out of business. The other blacksmith says to himself, " I don't know if cars will last or not, but I do know that it's made of a lot of iron and I fix iron things. If it breaks, I think I can make the parts to fix it, along with wagon wheels and shoeing horses." That blacksmith probably did just fine. Perhaps he was the grandfather of Mr. Goodwrench.

It's an attitude. It's all in how we perceive change. If we perceive change with fear, we will resist it, like the first blacksmith. We recall the axiom: What one resists will persist. If we welcome change as part of a divine plan (however you choose to define that), then we will adapt, grow, evolve, and even flourish.

The end of the Mayan Calendar is not predicting a physical end of the world - just like a physical end of the world is not described in the Book of Revelations in the Bible. But, according to the Mayans, this last Cycle, the Universal Underworld, does mark an end of the world as we know it - as we have come to understand how things work. This is similar to the Book of Revelations that describes an end to the world as the writer perceived it to be at the beginning of the Second Century. John of Patmos wrote Revelations in visionary "code," since to be caught with recognized Christian literature was a punishable offense in his time. In a sequence of dream-like visions, he perceives the defeat of evil empires and the establishment of a reign of peace, ruled by God, where we are freed from pain and suffering.

As these shifts in consciousness or shifts in perceived reality occur, there will be persons - those in power, those invested in keeping the things the way they have been, those immersed in religious systems that assuage people's fears - who will "fight" to prevent change. So, there will be conflict, as is always the case with change. Could the conflict become so severe nuclear weapons could be unleashed and the earth would become uninhabitable? It certainly is possible. Is it probable? I don't think so.

We're moving from a level of collective consciousness: 1) Where others are viewed as competitors, 2) Where we see ourselves as survivors scrambling to get our share of what we perceive to be limited (or lack of) resources, and 3) Where we perceive ourselves working, struggling and fighting within all the elements of a dualistic view of the world where we see everything in terms of right/wrong, good/evil, plenty/scarcity, judging/comparing (from our us/them point of view, of course) and have created a world filled with fear, guilt, shame and resentment.

We are moving to an Age of Peace and Harmony, summarized in the ancient Mayan greeting In Lak'ech or "I am another you." Other spiritual movements have similar traditions. Egyptian and Vedic traditions describe the transformation of consciousness. The Incans, the Hopi, and the Keys of Enoch discussed the return of the Children of Light and the rise in spirituality and decline in religion.

During the last fifty years, Share International has been predicting the emergence of Maitreya, the world teacher for the new age, and the remainder of a hierarchical of spiritual masters, including the Christ, the fifth Buddha, the Imam Mahdi, and the Messiah

[I remain sceptical of anything to do with the Maitreya, Benjamin Creme, the "Externalization of the Hierarchy", the Lucis Trust, etc., as all have been heavily subsidized and exploited by those elites working towards a one-world 'global plantation' with total control over: public education (dumbed-down, a-historical programming since the days of John Dewey via a Hegelian dialectic (problem-crisis-solution) and two-man con by the media monopoly with all 'debates' held within tightly drawn parameters giving the illusion of real choice; food supply (GMO, hybrid seeds, neuro-toxic additives); health care (Codex Alimentarius: vitamins, minerals, and herbs by prescription only; mandatory vaccinations; flouridization of the water supply, originally promoted as beneficial through flawed studies but actually based on Nazi research on neurological pacification of the population); money and banking (endlessly inflatable, debt-based fiat currency doomed to collapse, followed by cashless society and micro-chipping readily adopted by a fear-filled and bewildered citizenry); government (by unelected global bureaucrats versus elected representatives - preceded by years of pseudo-elections presided over by computer-programmable, non-auditable voting machines; electronic surveillance, also accepted out of fear, apathy, and conditioning), and eventually, once a global economy and government is achieved, a global religion, accepted either by the Orwellian (jack-boot motivation) or Huxlian (drug-induced, unconsciously accepted) method. According to many, that is the so-called 'plan of the ages', and a well-nigh inextricable Matrix that will continue to be fought for by the powers behind the scenes for some time until the current Piscean Age plays itself out and/or enough of humanity wakes up and sees what is happening. Those who think this idle "conspiracy" theory must be prepared to be called "coincidence" theorists. Take the red pill or the blue pill!].

There have been recent writings, such as Lee Carroll's Indigo Children, that describe a higher form of consciousness and awareness that is emerging today - an emergence that is visible as an indigo-colored aura surrounding these gifted children, many of whom are misunderstood today [i.e., diagnosed with ADD or ADHD, parental defiance syndrome, etc.].

   Astrologers have been predicting our movement from the Age of Pisces, marked by 2,000 years of idealism and patriarchy, to the multi-centuries lifespan of the Age of Aquarius. This new age will be noted by the resurgence of the power of "the total group" in the raising of consciousness. The Age of Aquarius also will bring back the divine Feminine to create a balance in "unity" consciousness - a healing of the energies between the masculine and the feminine.

Just think what is about to happen: Peace; Harmony; Sharing; Cooperation; Caring for Mother Earth; A Truly Global Sense of Community; The Spirituality of Love (or an Honest Spirituality) Replacing Fear-Based Religiosity. Wow! [yeah, "wow". This may happen, and is in the process of happening, but it will take hundreds of years, at least].

Prepare for it. Welcome it.

Rejoice in the end of this world, as we have known it.

Rejoice in the beginning of the world we have longed for. Hallelujah! [Sounds like more than a bit of "Mayan" fundamentalism here].

About the Author: Donald O'Dell holds a Master of Divinity from Princeton Seminary and is the author of How the Bible became the Bible, recipient of the 2006 Royal Palm Literary Award. Both Unity and Religious Science International recommend his book. Visit http://www.DonODell.com for more information about his book.

[More notes on Calleman's book (source misplaced) :

The author of the book was putting forward the argument that the planet Earth is essentially an organism, and it may be thought of in terms of the model of the human brain. Calleman was putting forward the view that the Western hemisphere of the planet has evolved - since the emergence of the industrial revolution in around 1755 - to become the overwhelmingly dominant hemisphere. He was also arguing that the logically oriented "West" has acquired such dominance that it has started to stifle the natural thought processes of those who inhabit the intuitively oriented (if you'll excuse the expression) Eastern hemisphere of the planet, and it is essentially this dominance which is causing a backlash that, in turn, has been causing the disharmony that we are now witnessing in the form of terrorism and conflicts that have been emerging with increasing frequency from/with the Middle East and other Islamic countries.

In simplistic terms his argument was that the organism pulsates with a rhythm that causes an ebb and flow of energy from East to West and back again, and that the timing of the rhythm of the pulse is measurable by an exceptionally accurate measuring device known as the Mayan Calendar.

The Mayan Calendar is predicated on a pulse rate that is a function of a "month" (not a term used by Calleman) that is roughly 20 days long, and a "year" (again not a term that he uses) that is exactly 13 months in duration giving rise to a total of 260 days. Indeed the numbers 20 and 13 act like cogs in a gigantic wheel, and - like the Cosmos and the Atom - there are wheels within wheels within wheels.

The number 13 flows from a conceptualization of 7 periods of light (days) and six period of darkness (nights). You will have to read the book to appreciate the nuances of the argument and also to get the facts straight. I am oversimplifying the argument here in order to get its main thrust across within a short time frame. In its own codification, the Mayan Calendar has articulated two very important dates:

- A "start" date which may be expressed in Gregorian Calendar terms as August 11th, 3114 BCE (which roughly coincides with the time when the Sumerians - now Iraq - built the first higher civilization)

- An "end" date which may be expressed in Gregorian calendar terms as October 28th, 2011, which represents the day on which "creation" is completed at the culmination of the seventh "long period".]

   Well, there you have it. Yet most Mayans agree that this is hocus pocus, and that the so-called 'end' is only the end of a cycle. See here for a de-bunking of this and other apocalyptic arguments. Some have also said that the date for the 'end' in any case has been miscalculated by sixty years or so. Others by many more. So hang tight, we aren't gong to be sucked into a black hole in 2012, nor are the poles going to suddenly shift, or a word-wide flood devastate us. There are may other things to be afraid of, if one chooses to fear. Still, here's more to mull over.

(2)   Kalki Bhagavan, the new avatar, with wife Amma Padmavati and numerous purportedly self-realized disciples, have a goal of producing 60,000 enlightened people by the year 2012 to bypass planetary disaster. For modest fees ranging from $10 for one deeksha up to $5000 for the full package one can attain Oneness in a short period of time. This "Oneness Movement" offering alone has moved traditional vedantic teacher James Schwarz to proclaim that we have officially entered the “post neo-advaita" [non-dual satsang] era! [Thankfully, a free gyan version of deeksha, "Gnan Vidhi" has now become available].

A devotee of Kalki Bhagavan, Robert Chamberlain, has written a book, Bringers of the Golden Ball, describing the coming transformation.  

Excerpt, "The Ancient Mind", copyright 2005-2007

According to the living Oneness Avatar, Sri Bhagavan , the ancient mind of humanity has been around for millions of years. This ancient mind is the “group” mind that affects not only all human beings but also all living beings and all of nature.

The very name that is applied to Homo sapiens, the name human, which is normally abbreviated as man, has two roots. Hu means the divine resonance in the heart of man or the divine word and man means soil or thinking or mind. Thus we see that there are two primary influences in man, who has been created in the likeness and image of God. The one influence is the divine spark or the divine word, vibration, or sound (hu) which is anchored in the spiritual heart of man and the other main influence is the physical (soil) and mental (emotion, thinking or mind) nature of man.

Sir James Jeans, an English mathematician, physicist and astronomer who lived from 1877 to 1946, stated, “The universe begins to look more like a great thought than a great machine” and “The world is nothing but mind stuff.” Seen in this light, it is this group mind of humanity that has had the greatest impact on the behaviour of human beings over the last 11,000+ years.

The nature and qualities of this ancient group mind, at this particular stage of humanities evolution, have been dominated by fear, doubt, suspicion, grief, anxiety, anger, hatred, and separation. In a word, it may be said that currently this ancient mind is filled with darkness or a lack of spiritual light. Or we may say that over the last 11,000+ years this ancient mind has been disconnected from or has overshadowed the spiritual heart of humanity and as a result man has almost completely been absorbed in the experience of separation. Acting from this disconnect has created immense pain and suffering for humanity and for the living being we call Mother Earth and her air, waters, soils, plants, and animals.

The ancients of many traditions, including Native Americans, Aborigines, the Maori, the Mayans and others clearly understood that man is not separate from nature. One quote from Chief Seattle will suffice:

“This we know; the earth does not belong to man; man belongs to the earth. This we know. All things are connected like the blood which unites one family.”

A modern expression and understanding of this idea that everything in nature is connected comes through the scientific theories of morphogenesis as reported by Sheldrake, Gilman and McKenna. As reported on the Experience Festival website (www.experiencefestival.com):

“According to its founder and main proponent, the biologist Rupert Sheldrake, a morphogenetic field is similar to an electromagnetic field that carries information only, not energy, and is available throughout time and space without any loss of intensity after it has been created.

Morphogenetic fields are created by the patterns of physical forms. They help guide the formation of later similar systems where a newly forming system "tunes into" a previous system by having within it a "seed" that resonates with a similar seed in the earlier form.

Morphogenetic fields can be used to describe how human consciousness is shared. The Morphogenetic fields therefore play the main role in the idea that humanity at one point in time will go through a dramatic collective shift in consciousness. A shift that will happen when the critical mass for a shift is reached, for example, when a certain number of spiritually awakened individuals are reached.”

In its present condition, acting out of identification with this ancient mind, because it has been disconnected from the spiritual heart, has led to immense human suffering. The ignorance of the unenlightened mind has been the root cause of the World Wars (I, II) and the unusually large outpouring of violence recently seen around the world in Israel, Serbia, Africa, Afghanistan, New York City, Iraq and many other places. This ignorance or unenlightened mind is also the root cause of the natural disasters across our planet recently witnessed in the massive loss of more than 250,000 lives in the Boxing Day Asian earthquake/tsunami (December 2004). [Don't you hate statements like these? The first because, while it may be ultimately true in a spiritual sense, it is the kind of pretentious and vague remark that keeps people in the dark about the key players that strategically engineer such wars and conflicts for political-economic advantage without concern for the common folk, and the second, because It's like Christian fundamentalists blaming hurricane Katrina on homosexuality. Who can so read the mind of God?]

There is no one individual or group of individuals to blame for all this pain and suffering. This suffering is part of a cosmological cycle that has been expressing its predominantly darker aspects that result when mankind fails to comprehend and directly experience its own spiritual nature. [O.K.] Awakened individuals have provided the necessary counterbalance and relief for this tremendous pain and suffering endured by humanity. Before the light has fully dawned in a new Golden Age awakened individuals have been few and far between.

A list not intended to be exhaustive, the Great Saviours of the world over this last 11,000 years of darkness [11000 years ago we were in a Golden Age, not descending to the dark Kali Yuga until 701 B.C.; see Appendix] including what is known in Vedic cosmology as the present Kali Yuga or dark age [According to most calculations, since 1699 A.D. we have been in the ascending Dwapara Yuga], have included the following spiritual lights from the eastern tradition: Rama, Krishna, Shiva, Buddha, Chaitanya, Ramakrishna, Babaji, Nanak, Bahaullah, Aurobindo, Ramana Maharshi, Chinmoy and others. From the western tradition we have been graced with the presence of Melchizedek, Abraham, Solomon, Zoroaster, Moses, Jesus, Mohammed, Rumi, Shems-i Tabriz, Hazrat Inayat Khan and others.

To gain a sort of mathematical perspective on the idea of how the level of consciousness of enlightened individuals affects the rest of creation, let’s take a very brief look at David Hawkins scale of consciousness as reported in his book, Power Vs. Force. Hawkins arrived at this measurement through kinesiological testing. Calibrations on his scale of consciousness range from 0 to 1000. Hawkins states:

“Millions of calibrations over the years of this study have defined a range of values accurately corresponding to well-recognized sets of attitudes and emotions, localized by specific attractor energy fields, much as electromagnetic fields attract iron filings… The ways the various levels of consciousness express themselves are profound and far-reaching; their effects are both gross and subtle. All levels below 200 are destructive of life in both the individual and society at large; all levels above 200 are constructive expressions of power. The decisive level of 200 is the fulcrum that divides the general areas of force and power… 85% of humanity is below the critical level of 200, while the overall average level of human consciousness today is approximately 204… [As seen above, some] calibrations are 20 – Shame; 30 – Guilt; 50 – Apathy; 75 – Grief; 100 – Fear; 150 - Anger… The power of the relatively few individuals near the top counterbalances the weakness of the masses toward the bottom to achieve this overall average…

Great works of art depicting individuals who have reached the level of Enlightenment (700 and above) characteristically show the teacher with a specific hand position, called a mudra, wherein the palm of the hand radiates benediction.

This is the act of the transmission of this energy field to the consciousness of mankind. This level of divine grace calibrates up to 1000, the highest level attained by any persons who have lived in recorded history – to wit, the Great Avatars to whom the title “Lord” is appropriate: Lord Krishna, Lord Buddha and Lord Jesus Christ... Because the scale of power advances logarithmically, a single avatar at a consciousness level of 1000 can, in fact, totally counterbalance the collective negativity of all of mankind.”

Before he left the planet in 1886, the Avatar Sri Ramakrishna stated that, “in the not too distant future Christs would grow like grapes on a vine, in clusters.” Now we are here in 2005 and the phenomenon predicted by Sri Ramakrishna has begun to happen.

The husband and wife team of Sampoorna (complete... having the full grace of love, wisdom, and spiritual power) Avatars, Sri Bhagavan and Sri Amma of Varadayapalem south India have already brought over 2000 people into a permanent fully functional state of awakening according to Sri Bhagavan. The state of Awakening or Oneness means freedom from this ancient mind and freedom from personal pain and suffering. Awakening, enlightenment, or Oneness is not a human achievement but is something that must be given to the individual by someone who is themselves enlightened and living in a permanent state of Oneness. They must also have the spiritual Power or Grace required.

It is their stated vision and mission to bring thousands people to awakening and oneness by 2011/12, the end date of the Mayan Calender. Thousands of awakened people by 2011/12 will provide the critical mass to create a wave of mass enlightenment over a period before or during the Venus transit of June 2012. During the period of the Venus transit it is believed that the magnetic core of the earth, which is associated with the group mind of humanity, will come to a zero point or ‘stand-still’. [How do we know there is a rotating magnetic core of the earth: has anyone - besides H.G. Wells - ever been down there?!]

At or before that time, if there are a sufficient number of fully enlightened people on the earth, they will act as the critical mass or ‘100th Monkey’ to allow a wave of mass enlightenment to sweep over the earth and establish a new enlightened morphogenic field.

This mass awakening or mass enlightenment will mark the full establishment of the Golden Age or Sat Yuga or Kingdom of Heaven or Age of Oneness, whose inauguration began here on earth in August 2003 according to Sri Bhagavan. [According to many sources, the Satya Yuga is not due until 7699 A.D. This again contradicts Bhagavan's previous cliaim that we have recently been in the Kali Yuga. We don't just skip the next two yugas, Dwapara and Treta, and proceed directly to the Satya Yuga],

Sri Bhagavan has said the following about the significance of 2012:

“In the Dharma, we also say, ‘Mind is Karma’. All actions start from your mind. The mind is nothing but a storehouse of samskaras or past life vasanas from which all action emanates. This is stored in the earth’s magnetic field. So in the year 2012, it will become zero for a few days. After that the core will start rotating again. This would be a fresh beginning for man or the dawn of the Golden Age. This is the significance of the year 2012.”

On a par with the Vedic cosmological understanding, the Mayan calendar provides an understanding of the evolution of human consciousness. The Mayan calendar is a 260-day cycle and each day has a different energy defined by 1 of 20 glyphs (or symbols) and 1 of 13 tones. (13 tones X 20 glyphs = 260 combinations.) This calendar comes to an end in December of 2012.

The very last glyph and tone, 13 Ahau, which is Yellow Cosmic Sun, is the symbol of enlightenment and has a frequency of 920 hertz (on a scale of 10-920). The hertz frequency is the actual musical frequency of a sacred sun. The higher the frequency, the more cosmic the person or day is.v Sri Bhagavan was born on March 7, 1949. According to the Mayan calendar, this means he is a Yellow Cosmic Sun -- the symbol of enlightenment.

He has a tone of 13, the highest tone, and a frequency of 920 the highest and most cosmic frequency.

[This may be referring to the Bovis-Brunler radionics scale. Dr. Oskar Brunler, M.D. (1890-1952), who along with Bovis, developed a radionic scale to measure the life force in wine. Bovis was a wine inspector in France, and he used the scale to test the purity and integrity of the wines. Brunler discovered that each human being gave off a specific "radiation" which he termed: "Brain Radiation" and now it's known as the "Brunler Brain Scale radiation."

There were certain ranges of readings on this "biometric scale" associated with various groupings of peple. Brunler, and then Arthur, felt the scale measured the soul's progress in evolution and reincarnation. Academic types fell in the 360-390 range; ego range was 420-450, and then giving up the ego range was 450-480 before strong clairvoyance kicked in at 481 and above (Edgar Cayce & Eileen Garrett were at 482).

For this discussion, Rudolf Steiner came in at 428, right in the middle of the range for developing the ego. Brunler and Arthur found a big cluster of business CEOs in this range. And at 451, you find Lawrence of Arabia.

The highest human being ever recorded was Leonardo da Vinci at 720. In the 600's were many great Renaissance painters; also in this range were Madame Blavatsky at 660, Francis Bacon at 640, Goethe at 608.

95% of people are below 300 and the lowest human was 180, which Brunler read for a very retarded Hindu child. Einstein came in at 469, closing in on the blossoming of full clairvoyance at 481.

Brunler first, and other researchers then tried to develop a balancing program, including using Reiki, to increase ones number on the scale. The ability for humans to increase their level, in fact, is said to be increasing faster now. Pretty strange indeed.]

The following quote is also from The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness" by Carl Johan Calleman, PhD.:

"From the perspective of the Mayan calendar, certain aspects of this development in the East [Bhagavan's mission] are remarkable. To begin with, Bhagavan himself was born on a day 13 Ahau (March 7, 1949), which in the Mayan calendar is a much-prophesied energy of enlightenment [What about March 18, 1949? - that's my birthday!]. Second, Bhagavan's teaching about the deadline for the enlightenment of humanity by the year 2012 is an independently arising confirmation of the validity of the Mayan calendar's deadline for the completion of the cosmic plan [What, he had never hear of the Mayan date of 2012?]. The most advanced ancient spiritual traditions of the West and the East, the Mayan and the Vedic, have been unified in a common framework for understanding the future of humanity."

It is part of the cosmic plan for humanity to move into the Golden Age and be free of the ancient unenlightened mind of the previous three Yugas. This ancient unenlightened mind field may be replaced with the “Supermind ” field [This is a reference to a concept of Sri Aurobindo's], a field of pure consciousness existing beyond the present ancient mind field. This great transition, foretold in different terms at different times by Sri Isha (Yeshua or Jesus Christ), the Mayans, the Hopi, the Tibetan, Sri Ramakrishna, Sufi Inayat Khan, Teilhard de Chardin, Sri Aurobindo, and others, will mark the end of the tremendous suffering that humanity has experienced for millennia. There will be no more separation between the spiritual heart and the mind. Heart-brain integration and coherence will be the physiological norm. Humanity will experience peace and harmony on a world-wide scale never before seen in recorded history.

[Author's Bio:

Robert Chamberlain March, BS, ND is a naturopath whose specialty for the last 37 years has been vibrational healing. He has founded and co-founded three schools of Vibrational Healing in the USA, France and Australia. He has been a dedicated student and teacher of spiritual teachings from the Vedic, Gnostic Christian, Goddess, and Sufi traditions. He and his wife Shreshta Carol are giving energy transfers for Awakening and Oneness in Australia, Israel, France, India and the USA to all people who want them. He is available through his website www.bhagavandharma.org].

Then, let us also not forget that

(3)   The Ashtar Command are overseeing us and awaiting the proper time to come down for the liberation of planet Earth, which will be raised to a new level. No need for spiritual practice or sadhana anymore, just hang easy.

These spaces brothers/saviors will be coming to our aid at the end of a long history of intergalactic interactions with our planet. Oops. Wait again. It seems, from reading this historic timeline, that the Ashtar Command is on hold, having decided that we are to be left alone now, as the cosmic battlefield is safely neutralized enough that the ascension process is to be voluntarily engaged by individuals and not produced all at once for the entire planet. And this could take place anytime within the two-thousand year period during which our Earth is passing through the

(4)   Photon Belt, so there still may be somewhat of a wait, but, nevertheless, get your goggles ready or you may be blinded by the light. Yes, the time is fast approaching for "the world to be as One".

"People get ready, there's a train a comin'; don't need no baggage, ya just get-on-board." - Curtis Mayfield.


Conclusion: A Rational Astrological Explanation of the "End-Times"

   [Note: while the following commentary is referred to as "rational", in any other than spiritual-metaphysical circles it would no doubt still be considered "far-out". Unfortunately, that can't be helped!]

   The preceding material we have presented with a touch of scepticism, but there is no doubt it reflects dramatic change that is occuring. The changes, however, are being felt and interpreted within old frameworks of consciousness and belief, as witnessed by the millennial/apocalyptic fever behind much of it, and therefore need clarification. A new book, Signs of the Times, by Robert Fitzgerald, while a bit over-enthusiastic about some of the spiritual possiblilities in what he believes will be a coming Golden Age (being a TM meditator he mentions levitation several times), but is actually very good at outlining astrological ages, each subdivided into twelve eras with twelve sub-phases within each, and thus putting in more philosophical perspective some of the prophetic religious 'end-times' theories. (He is wrong about the Golden Age part, however, which he believes will be officially entered when the Age of Aquarius begins in 2160 A.D; the reasons for this will become clear when the Hindu cycle of Yugas is discussed further on within this section). For charts containing all of these ages, see Appendix at the end of this article.

   The so-called Great Year of Plato is a 25,920 year cycle of the precession of the equinoxes that is divided into twelve 2160 year periods. Currently we are nearing the end of the Piscean Age, and are not yet at the dawn of the Aquarian Age. The Piscean Age, symbolized by the fishes and the advent of Christ (0 BCE - 2160 CE), still has almost 150 years to go. The period before that was the Arian Age (2160 BCE - 0 BCE), where symbols of the Ram and the sacrificial lamb were predominant. Early Christianity retained the latter image. This was also an age of warfare and the cult of the hero. Antecedent to this was the Taurean Age (4320 BCE - 2160 BCE), where we find images of the bull in worldwide cultures. It was a time of relative stability when great civilizations were built. Written languages were finally made a reality. In India during the Age of Taurus the cow became a sacred animal. Moses (~1400 B.C.) castigated the Israelites for making an idol of the golden calf, a symbol of their reversion to the worship of this previous era. Before this was the Age of Gemini, sign of the twins (6480 BCE - 4320 BCE). Mythology abounds with "twin" stories such as that of Romulus and Remus, founders of ancient Rome. The astrological ruler of Gemini is the planet Mercury, symbolizing the faculties of perception and thought. Pictographic imagery became the prototype of the written languages of the Taurean Age. Travel and trade were extensive. Next was the Age of Cancer (8640 BCE-6480 BCE), a time when some occult teachings claim lunar cults and matriarchal cultures were widespread. Agriculture techniques developed as man settled down and built primitive dwellings.

   Each 2160-year age is divided by Fitzgerald into twelve 180-year ’eras’. We are currently entered the final Piscean era (1980-2160) of the Piscean Age (0 BCE - 2160 CE). Thus there is a double Piscean influence. The general theme is dissolution. This era is further divided into twelve 15-year phases. We are, therefore, at the time of this writing, 2007, in the second or Taurean phase (1995-2010) of the Piscean era of the Piscean Age. This could have something to do with the financial foundations of our society currently being fundamentally challenged.

   It is a little far-fetched, but the author hypothesizes that it is also possible that in the succeeding Gemini sub-phase of the Piscean era (2010-2025) we could see the earth split along two parallel time tracks of different spiritual evolution or else face dangerous and possibly violent polarization among various marginalized and minimialized groups. The Piscean era will dissolve outward social and personal structures, and there may be travail. Something like the prophecied final battle of Armageddon may likely take place, according to Fitzgerald, in the Scorpio subphase, 2085-2100, with possibly earlier battles in the Leo sub-phase (2025-2040). The spiritual revolution so long prophecied is important, in this astrological theory, to the extent that, being in the last (Piscean) era of the Piscean Age, a transition time to the Aquarian Age, we are witnessing the slow transformation and abandonment of older forms of dualistic worship in anticipation for an emerging planetary consciousness shifted towards more and more people getting in touch with God within themselves. This will affect not only religion, but science, technology, and all forms of knowledge as well. It will not be an ultimate Golden Age, like the 100,000 years or longer Golden Ages of the Maha-Yugas lost in the mists of history, or even a regular Golden Age (as we are still in the first third of the ascending Dwapara Yuga), but a 'relative' Golden Age based on the higher mental frequencies of Aquarius for a 2160-year period, and which are beginning to be felt even now. This will be the promised return of Christ at the 'end of the Age' from an astrological point of view. In Aquarius, however, the return of the Christ will be within each individual and not as a specific outward Piscean saviour-figure. Fitzgerald further adds the interesting idea, and argues it convincingly, that much of what was prophecized in the Book of Revelation, regarding the Four Seals and Vials, the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse, plagues, famine, wars, and pestilence, may have to a great extent been fulfilled during the two thousand years of the Piscean Age. Further end-times events, such as the breaking of the 'Fifth Seal' and events leading to Armageddon, may or will unfold over the remaining 150 years of this Piscean era of the Piscean Age. Structures and institutions that have outlived their usefulness will disappear, one way or another: the easy way or the hard way, depending on the conversion of heart of humanity.

   Remember, however, that this entire cycle occured 25,920 years ago, and 25,920 years ago before that, ad infinitum. It is likely that mankind went through spiritual and cultural revolutions many times in the past each in an ever-spiralling evolutionary progression. There is no reason to believe this time will mean final “lift-off” of the planet or human race or anything of the sort. H.P. Blavatsky predicted two more "Root Races" and thousands of years in the evolution of current humanity before anything that fantastic might happen. The Mayans predict seven worlds on man's earthly journey.

   To bettter understand the scope and concept of a "spiralling" evolution, it is necessary to overlay on the precessional cycles of the equinoxes the ascending and descending cycle of Yugas as given in the ancient Vedas. Charts for both are given below. The following information has been gleaned from the book, Lost Star of Myth and Time by Walter Cruttenden. The author explains that history is composed of repeating cycles of four yugas which correspond to one-half of a great year. For instance, we descend from a Golden Age (Satya Yuga) of 4800 years to a Silver Age (Treta Yuga) of 3600 years to a Bronze Age (Dwapara Yuga) of 2400 years and finally to an Iron Age (Kali Yuga) of 1200 years. Then follows an ascending cycle of a Kali Yuga or iron Age, followed by Bronze, Silver, and Golden Ages, which repeats indefinitely. Thus as the astrological cycles unfold the Yugas create positive and negative phases within them. This creates a spiral, or as Cruttenden theorizes (to supports his conjecture that our genetic structure may be coded to respond to astrological influences), maybe even a double-helix. While we look forward to a relative Golden Age when the age of Aquarius begins in 2160 A.D., then, we are yet a long way from the greater Golden Age as defined by the Hindu sages, which will not begin until 7699 A.D. To make this even more complex, in the longer cycle of the Maha-Yugas, the descending phase ended in 3100 B.C., a traditional date for the start of the Kali Yuga, but which was really the start of the descending copper age or Dwapara Yuga. The discrepencies, says Cruttenden are pointed out in the book, The Holy Science, by Swami Sri Yukteswar, guru of Paranahansa Yogananda (1999, SRF).

   Yukteswar found a misunderstanding created in the dark ages of the Kali Yuga over the dating of the cycles that led to the notion of long cycles of millions of years each. He found, as stated, that we are actually in the Dwapara Yuga now, and no longer the Kali Yuga. Another interesting theory of his concerns the idea that the precession of equinoxes is due to the existence of a companion star to our Sun, that is, the existence of a binary star system, the other sun being either Sirius or Alcyone of the Pleiades, whose gravitational pull causes our Sun and solar system to revolve around the galaxy. This is not just speculation. NASA estimates that more than 80% of all stars may be part of a binary or multiple star system. Cruttenden gives many arguments for this based on mythologies and science. Yukteswar also posits a magnetic Great Center called Vishnunubhi which, when our Sun gets closer to it causes the Golden Ages and when it gets farthest away leads to the Dark Ages. Think of our Sun and Sirius (widely referred to by the ancients as a companion star to earth) connnected by an elliptical fan-belt rotating around a cosmic center. This center may possibly be Alcyone of the Pleiades itself. “Canst though bind the sweet influence of the Pleiades?,” reads the book of Job. Cruttenden’s book emphasizes the important that both Sirius (the “Dog Star”) and the Pleiades had for the ancients. The entire binary system including our solar system and any planets connected to Alcyone would rotate around the Grand Central Sun or Center. This, not a real local “wobble” of the earth, is argued as the reason behind the precession of the equinoxes, but only an apparent one. As our Sun draws nearer to this magnetic center we approach a Golden Age and as it draws farthest away we enter the Iron Age, on a 24,000 - 26,000 year cycle.

   [To digress for a moment, this might also be an explanation behind the findings of "solar system warming" recently posited by Richard Hoagland and based on NASA data. If these are true your little Toyota hybrid is not going to make much difference in counteracting what are essentially celestial forces. Our local "global warming" is also primarily driven by these determinants, as extensive research confirms, and not increased CO2 emissions, despite what Al Gore and elite new-world-order pseudo-science portrays as fact. It turns out that climate forecasters must juggle four primary cycles in attempting to interpret the alternate cooling and warming in the history of our planet. This has led one commentator to remark, "I'm not sure which is more arrogant - to say we cause global warming or that we can fix it." First, there is a 100,000 year cycle during which the elliptical orbit of he earth around the Sun varies by up to three degrees. This accounts for major (i.e., as in catastrophic) ice ages, as indicated by deep core drilling by Dansgaard and Oeschger in the Greenland ice cap, and other findings. For the past 2,000,000 years there have been major ice ages every 90,000 to 110,000 years follow by interglacial periods of 10,000-20,000 years (for the past 11,500 years we have been in the present interglacial period known as the Holocene). Second, there is a 41,000 year axial cycle of the Earth whereby the angle at which the sun's rays strike the Earth varies. Currently at 23 degrees, we are at about the middle of its range. This causes temperature variations much like what currently occurs every winter and summer but on a larger scale. Third, there is the aforementioned precessional cycle with the 'apparent' wobble of the Earth; at its epihelion when the North Pole is pointed towards the star Vega, there are harsh winters and hot summers, with the opposite at the perihelion.

   Fourth, and most important for current discussions of global warming and 'immanent disaster', however, is the recent discovery of a 1500-year cycle (+/- 500 years) of warming and cooling occuring within these other much longer cycles. There have been nine such cycles in the last 12,000 years. This appears to be due to cycles of solar activity, and is fully detailed in the book, Unstoppable Global Warming, by S. Fred Singer and Dennis T. Avery. Bottom line, the temperature changes of the Earth are not directly linked with rising or falling CO2 levels as environmentalists claim, but to solar and other celestial factors. Veizer and Shaviv, in fact, cite three different studies on CO2 levels that show that the rise and fall of CO2 is unrelated to the rise and fall of temperature, and the concentration of CO2 right now is at a historic low. A study (the GEOCARB III, by Berner and Kothavala, 2001) shows very high CO2 levels in a couple of the coldest periods, during the Ordovician and near the Jurassic Cretaceous boundary. Ice caps may be thinning at the edges, but are thickening in the middle. Alpine glaciers in Europe expanded greatly during the Little Ice Age (1300-1850), crushing farms and villages, but then began to recede as a new warming trend began. The snows of Kilimanjaro have been receding since 1880 but actually receded the fastest during the cooling trend of 1953 to 1975. This is all bad news for the Green movement. The authors conclude that man's recent industrial contribution to global warming is at best extremely minimal, and that a much greater worry is a returning cooling period or ice age, which may yet be several hundred years away. For examples of the alternating climate history in the past 2600 years, see the Appendix.]

   Now, here is something that is very, very interesting. It is well-established that even distant stars as far away as 45,000 light years can have a major impact on our earth through bursts of electromagnetic waves including x-rays and gamma rays vibrating through the plasma of electrically charged and neutral particles which constitutes most of the matter of the universe. Our Sun’s magnetic field, called the heliosphere, itself reaches to the outer edges of the solar system and maybe even beyond. The influence of a much larger star would be even greater. So it is not inconceivable that such a magnetic field varying in intensity along an ascending and descending spectrum within a binary star system could influence human evolution and consciousness on our earth during succeeding and rhythmic ages of time. Couple these phenomena and suppositions with the following findings about the human brain, developed by Dr. Johnjoe McFadden, and we may be on to something big:

   “The Cemi Field Theory (or Conscious Electro Magnetic Information Field Theory), to which he supplies significant supporting evidence, shows that the brain’s weak but complex EM field allows every cell instant access to the information contained in every other cell of the brain. In essence it suggests that conscousness is related to the EM fields that the body produces, especially those products by the brain. We don’t have to send chemicals back and forth across the brain a zillion times to think a complex thought or process an image; it happens instantly.” (2)

   Finally, add to this the evidence for holographic theory and we are really in business. See The Holographic Brain and The Holographic Universe. The latter tells us:

"In 1982 a remarkable event took place. At the University of Paris a research team led by physicist Alain Aspect performed what may turn out to be one of the most important experiments of the 20th century. You did not hear about it on the evening news. In fact, unless you are in the habit of reading scientific journals you probably have never even heard Aspect's name, though there are some who believe his discovery may change the face of science. Aspect and his team discovered that under certain circumstances subatomic particles such as electrons are able to instantaneously communicate with each other regardless of the distance separating them. It doesn't matter whether they are 10 feet or 10 billion miles apart. Somehow each particle always seems to know what the other is doing. The problem with this feat is that it violates Einstein's long- held tenet that no communication can travel faster than the speed of light. Since traveling faster than the speed of light is tantamount to breaking the time barrier, this daunting prospect has caused some physicists to try to come up with elaborate ways to explain away Aspect's findings. But it has inspired others to offer even more radical explanations. University of London physicist David Bohm, for example, believes Aspect's findings imply that objective reality does not exist, that despite its apparent solidity the universe is at heart a phantasm, a gigantic and splendidly detailed hologram."

   Taken together all of the above could be taken to be scientific confirmation of: the theory of mentalism with a World-Mind and World-Idea, the Buddhist view of Dependent Origination, as well as the emanationistic philosophy of Plotinus. That is, even here, in the manifest cosmos, the lowest, stepped down product of the One and its emanations: Divine Mind or Nous, Soul, and Nature, there is still only One. All is connected and interdependent. Science is bearing this out. Add to this for good measure recent work on time, and the world as we know it is completely undone. And this itself is predicted to be the kind of knowledge of subtle, invisible energies to be revealed in the ascending Dwapara Yuga which we have now been, according to Sri Yukteswar, in since 1699 A.D., with much more to come in the Treta and Satya Yugas. Isn’t this all quite remarkable? No need to be overly pessimistic over man's future as so many have been, possibly due to the misconception that we are still in the Kali Yuga.

   Cruttenden further argues, in tying up some loose ends, that the prophetic dream in Daniel (2:21-2:23) of a great image with a head of gold, breast and arms of silver, belly and thighs of bronze, and feet of iron, was not a prophecy of coming world empires, such as evangelicals claim (which derive largely from interpretations of the Schofield Bible, which includes the 'rapture' doctrine), but rather a panoramic image of the coming ages or yugas.

   The Mayan connection is of further interest to Cruttenden because the start of their calendar (3114 B.C.) is roughly the same as the start of the Hindu one (3102 B.C.). It is debated whether the Mayans were knowledgeable of the precessional cycles. They seem to have blended several cycles into one to come up with their end date of 2012 when mankind will enter the 'Fifth World'. On that date they predicted that the Earth, solstice Sun, and galactic center would line up. [some say this happened in 1998, so there is some debate over the Mayan dating]. Interesting, too, Fitzgerald gives one piece of data that relates to this numinous date of 2012. This is a sharing of this date given for the end of the Mayan calendar with that of a pairing of Venus eclipses. It is prophesized by Mayan Elders that at the end of that year there will begin a large increase in consciousness around the world and entry into the Fifth World, or the World of the Fifth Sun. It is not the ‘end’ of the world, but a mass change in the level of awareness [perhaps, muses Cruttenden, the rediscovery of the truth of the Great Year or precessional cycle itself with its ascending and descending ages, significant knowledge no doubt, but not the great enlightenment]. Fitzgerald notes that there was a Venus eclipse of the Sun on June 8, 2004, the first in a pair of Venus transits that occur 8 years apart every 122 years. The next one will be in June 6, 2012. He considers this to be the equivalent time span for the “Rapture” phenomenon in Christian evangelical circles, in that it may be a brief time for some to escape the calamities that will accompany the transition to higher consciousness in its birth pangs in the next few decades. But there is no reason to assign any eschatalogical finality to this; it may just be a brief 'window of opportunity' in a time of crisis.

   So, yes, this time it will be different, for some, and, over time, for many, but it is still but one cycle of 2160 years built into a much larger time clock. We have reason to be optimistic, although not starry-eyed. We are not yet in the Age of Aquarius, but we are in the ascending cycle of the Dwapara Yuga. [Despite "the glory that was Greece and the grandeur that was Rome", and bright lights like Plato and Plotinus, the darkest nadir of the Kali Yuga was reached by 499 A.D. Much technical knowledge had been lost, the library at Alexandria destroyed, and civilizations were fallen and degenerating across the globe. The ascending Dwapara Yuga (beginning 1699 A.D.) signalled the renaissance, a rebirth of science, industry, and classical education preserved through the Dark Ages by Moslems and Christian monks. So we are definitely now in an upward cycle.] To be realistic, however, it might be added that the year 2012 itself has been capitalized on heavily by the ‘Illuminati’, the wealthy, powerful world controllers who are working against time to create their New World Order, first with economic unions in North America, Europe, and the Far East, then political unions of the same, followed finally by a World Union. Currently we are in the Taurean sub-phase (1995-2010) of the Piscean era (1980-2160) of the Piscean Age (0-2160). Again, this could be reflected the apparent unraveling and/or rapid transformation of the world's financial system before our very eyes. If that be the case then in this expected “golden age” one had better own actual gold. As George Bernard Shaw said: "The most important thing about money is to maintain its stability… You have to choose between trusting the natural stability of gold and the honesty and intelligence of members of the government. With due respect for these gentlemen, I advise you, as long as the capitalist system lasts, to vote for gold." In the real but still relative Golden Age in the coming Age of Aquarius, still many years away, such material concerns will not likely be necessary. In the meantime it might be worthwhile to read the words of Alan Greenspan, in "Gold and Economic Freedom", written when he was still a disciple of Ayn Rand, while one observes financial shenanigans daily in the world news. The self-styled global "Olympians" also own nearly 100% of the major publishing houses and media outlets as well. Watch for infiltration into religious ideas and movements to build this long envisioned and long-planned global superstructure. This would possibly be a great thing except for the evolutionary level and motives of those involved. And that is why the Piscean Age has 150 years of potential turmoil ahead before the human mind will begin to manifest more of its true potential in the coming Aquarian Age.

   Sant Kirpal Singh, without giving a time frame, predicted a coming golden age of spirituality with many, many saints appearing. He also, according to one advanced initiate with 24/7 inner access, said that there would be NO MORE YUGAS after the coming Golden Age. This would actually add some credence to the current non-dual revolution. Anthony Damiani said that the philosophic work of PB was 500 years ahead of its time as far as most of humanity was concerned. Perhaps somewhere in the middle we will find the reality of what is occuring. Eckhart Tolle gives a positive but sober assessment of the current talk on the evolution of humanity:

   "...what we are doing here is a profound transformation that is taking place in the collective consciousness of the planet and beyond: the awakening of consciousness from the dream of matter, form, and separation. The ending of time. We are breaking patterns that have dominated human life for eons. Mind patterns that have created unimaginable suffering on a vast scale..but there is no absolute guarantee that humans will make it. The process isn't inevitable or automatic. Your cooperation is an essential part of it...At this time, as far as the unconscious majority of humans is concerned, the way of the cross is still the only way. [This observation perfectly reflects that the current Piscean Age still has 150 years to go.] They will only awaken through further suffering, and enlightenment as a collective phenomenon will be predictably preceded by vast upheavels. This process reflects the workings of certain universal laws that govern the growth of consciousness and thus was foreseen by some seers...This suffering is inflicted not by God but by humans on themselves and on each other as well by certain defensive measures that the Earth, which is a living, intelligent organism, is going to take to protect herself from the onslaught of human madness."

   "However, there is a growing number of humans alive today whose consciousness is sufficiently evolved not to need any more suffering before the realization of enlightenment. You may be one of them... "
(1) [This reflects that many are becoming in tune with the approaching Aquarian Age].

   I don’t want to be negative, but my money says that universal enlightenment, the Ashtar Command, the end of the world, or the planetary shift will come and go on 2012 without much notice. However, if disaster is not averted by then, however, all bets are off.

   Still, in the long run, things will get better.....Isn't the World-Idea grand?

1. Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now, (Novato, CA: New World Library, 1999), p. 55-56, 187-188.
2. Walter Cruttenden, Lost Star of Myth and Time, (Pittsburgh, PA: St. Lynn’s Press, 2006 (or Dwapara 306), p. 190

Appendix      [Present time is in bold]


Satya   Golden Age    11501-6701 B.C.
Treta    Silver Age       6701-3101 B.C.
Dwapara Bronze Age   3102-701 B.C.
Kali        Iron Age         701 B.C.-499 A.D. [low point - decline of civilizations worldwide]
Kali        Iron Age         499-1699 A.D.
Dwapara Bronze Age 1699-4099 A.D.
Treta     Silver Age     4099-7699 A.D.
Satya   Golden Age    7699-12499 A.D.

Precessional Cycles or Ages

Leo      10800-8640 B.C.
Cancer   8640-6480 B.C.
Gemini   6480-4320 B.C.
Taurus   4320-2160 B.C.
Aries      2160-0 A.D.
Pisces         0-2160 A.D.
Aquarius 2160-4320 A.D.

Eras in the Age of Pisces

Aries              0-180 A.D.
Taurus        180-360 A.D.
Gemini        360-540 A.D.
Cancer        540-720 A.D.
Leo             720-900 A.D.
Virgo           900-1080 A.D.
Libra          1080-1260 A.D.
Scorpio      1260-1440 A.D.
Sagittarius 1440-1620 A.D.
Capricorn   1620-1800 A.D.
Aquarius    1800-1980 A.D.
Pisces      1980-2160 A.D.

Sub-Phases in Pisces Era of the Piscean Age

Aries         1980-1995
Taurus      1995-2010
Gemini       2010-2025
Cancer       2025-2040
Leo            2040-2055
Virgo          2055-2070
Libra          2070-2085
Scorpio      2085-2100 [possible Armageddon]
Sagittarius 2100-2115
Capricorn    2115-2130
Aquarius     2130-2145
Pisces       2145-2160

Modern Climate History

600 to 200 B.C.: Unnamed cold period preceding the Roman Warming.
200 B.C. to about 600 A.D.: Roman Warming.
600 A.D. to 900 A.D.: Dark Ages cold period.
900 A.D. to 1300 A.D.: Medieval Warming.
1300 A.D. to 1850: Little Ice Age.
1850 to 1940: Warming, especially between 1920 and 1940.
1940 to 1975: Cooling trend.
1976 to 1978: Sudden warming spurt.
1979 to present: A moderate warming trend.

Just a note: One point to consider with all of this is that human evolution is conditioned more by consciousness than by physical cycles, and consciousness does not progress in simple, linear ways. If there are, for instance, underlying archetypal ages of human evolution, for instance, then the time it took for us to move from very physical beings hundreds of thousands of years ago, to being more astral/mythic/emotional beings (as a species) took a long time. The time it has taken us to move from being astral/emotional to being in the beginnings of a collective awakening to intellect was much shorter. And the emergence of the collective awakening to soul will come in an even shorter time. So, with all due respect to Sri Yukteswar, we can't measure these things in a deterministic way with astrological processions and fixed notions of yugas, even if one considers the yugas as re-curring in an upward spiralling fashion rather than as an eternal, fatalistic, cyclic repetition as some Hindu philosophies have done. The yugas may have meaning in other ways, but not as a basic, fixed measure of human evolutionary cycles. That may be why Sant Kirpal Singh in the 1970's said privately to some initiates that, contrary to appearances, we were going right into a Golden Age, bypassing the other yugas, and, moreover, that there would be no more yugas! Something to think about.