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The Plight of a Lover

    The good news is that the spiritual Beloved, although at times seemingly aloof and distant, is connected to the heart of the disciple. The Master sits within the disciple and knows all the anguish and yearning that the disciple is passing through. It may seem at times that the Master is indifferent and unresponsive to the cries of our heart. But if we look back over our lives, we will find that the yearning of our hearts is ultimately fulfilled. At the time of our anguish it seems like no one upstairs is listening. Sometimes we may be in that state for days, weeks, months, and in some cases, years. But a point comes, when the Master answers the prayers of our heart.
    Sant Darshan Singh Ji used to describe the plight of a lover as a bird. The bird is chasing its beloved. The beloved always seems just out of reach. Whenever the bird gets closer, the beloved takes off. The bird runs faster and seems to get closer and the beloved takes off again. Finally, when the bird is totally exhausted and is ready to collapse on the ground, the beloved slows down a bit and lets the bird catch him. The bird is rejuvenated. The bird regains life. Then, the beloved takes off again. But the bird now has hope that the beloved will one day let him or her catch up with him. Similarly, it may seem as if the Beloved is ignoring our cries. We may wait up night after night, keeping vigil for the Beloved to come, and he seems to never come. We may be waiting day after day for the Beloved to come, and time passes without him. But then, out of the blue, the Beloved blesses us and shows us that he knows the cries of our heart. Unlike a worldly beloved that may be callous and cold, leaving the lover in a pitiable state, the spiritual Beloved has compassion and love, and when the time is right will fulfill the desire of our hearts. The Beloved will take us in his strong and loving embrace and carry us with him to the lap of God.

                                                  - Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj
                                                       Sat Sandesh, October 2006