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(12-14 miles each way)

This run goes over Terra Linda Ridge, Bald Hill, and Mt. Tam and takes me 4 1/2 to 5 hours:

Follow the trail behind the southwest berm of Contempo Marin off Yosemite Rd.; continue to railroad tracks; take railroad tracks to the 101 overpass north of Marin Civic Center, go under overpass and in about .25 miles look for short connector path on right to los Ranchitos; right one block then left on Golden Hinde, then left on Del Haro to MCOSD sign.

Take Memorial Trail to top of Terra Linda Ridge; nearing summit veer diagonally to left and head towards water tank. Pass to the right of the water tank.

Follow Cemetery FR diagonally to the right (Cemetery is 2nd FR on right - the first is the Ridge FR - don’t take that), follow it to gate; the cemetery is ahead, but you go hard right on Sorich trail to its end at San Francisco Ave., San Anselmo.

San Francisco Ave to Sir Francis Drake, go straight across to Tamal, short right on Park, left on Saunders, follow Saunders until it becomes Redwood, follow Redwood up about a mile until MCOSD sign on right and take the steep, rough trail to the Yolanda/Worn Springs junction on Bald Hill (or continue on Redwood, go right on Gerlack, and right on Oak to the end and take the short FR to Yolanda/Worn Springs).

Take Yolanda (straight ahead, not left or right on FR) to Six Points; go straight on Hidden Meadow trail (do not go left on Yolanda or right on Bald Hill or Six Points trails).

Follow Hidden Meadow down to Shaver Grade; left on Shaver to Phoenix Junction;

Take Eldridge Grade (a 45 degree right turn at Phoenic Junction, not 90 degree turn right up Fish Grade) 5.25 miles to near top and go left on Redwood Springs trail (unsigned) to East Peak parking lot. If you miss Redwood Springs trail continue to end of Eldridge Grade and turn left on road to parking lot.

(Alternately take Eldridge Grade to 0.25 miles past Lakeview junction; then take short unmarked connector right to East Peak Fire Trail. Go left steeply up to Eldridge Grade and continue as above. This eliminates 2.5 miles of fireroad in exchange for an extremely steep 0.5 mile climb)

Continue on Plankwalk trail to summit.

(Coming back if you take the FR off Bald Hill, when you see the street sign for Redwood going both left and right, GO LEFT (even though it looks like it goes uphill) - right ends up at the Seminary requiring a long backtrack through the streets of San Anselmo).

Approximately 2.5 miles sidewalk and pavement, 10-12 miles FR and trail, each way.

Approximately 3300’ elevation gain going out, 1000’ coming back.